Are you fed up with wasting money on material losses?
You don't want to waste time preparing new collection clothing templates?
Use the services of our company.


Basing on our many years of experience, we offer services of preparing the production of clothing and other confectionery products from the design, through construction, modeling and grading of patterns to the development and printing of marker ready for the cutting room. For cutting rooms equipped with automatic cutting devices “cutter”, we generate ISO files loaded directly into the cutting machine.
Supported by the most modern computer system GeminiCAD on the market, we develop patterns of various types of products such as women’s, men’s, children’s, business clothes, furniture, covers and others.
For clients with base templates, we offer digitization/photodigitization service – digital saving of elements in a standard dxf format or other CAD formats.
The next stage of our offer is patterns grading. The full range of sizes is prepared on the basis of supplied dimension tables, customer suggestions or according to standard rules.
In order to reduce production costs as much as possible, we suggest optimizing the pattern nesting on the material. Using GeminiCAD software to create pattern nesting, using the most effective mathematical algorithms, we will develop a layout, that minimizes fabric loss.
We produce 1:1 scale printouts on a large-format raster plotter. We also print directly from files delivered by e-mail in hpgl/plt format.

Clothing design

Development of a clothing design drawing with full documentation…

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Preparation of clothing patterns

Developing a set of clothing templates for the product…

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Prototype sewing

You will find a pattern of clothing…

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Digital saving of cardboard or paper patterns…

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Pattern grading

Developing new sizes of patterns…

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Pattern Nesting

Creating and optimizing the pattern nesting on the fabric…

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Print in 1:1 scale on the large format plotter…

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Data conversion

Data transfer between different CAD systems Import-Export…

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